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"We start a new year and thrive for efficient and professional operations at the WTC Panama Complex with our experienced and dedicated staff. We will continue to inform our members and readers of the latest news, events and activities of WTC Panama and the WTCs around the world through these monthly editions. We welcome a prosperous 2015! " Remy Swaab, Executive Director of WTC Panama.

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WTC Panama Complex to its Tenants

Promote you Company on the illuminated screen

One of the benefits of being in the WTC Panama is the ability to promote your company and/or the services your company has to offer during the day for free on the big illuminated screen that is located in the front of the WTC Panama Complex. Your promotional content needs to be provided in the form of a video (wav, avi, mp4 or mpg) or in the form of a PowerPoint presentation (max 2 minutes). In case of a PowerPoint presentation, each template can contain up to three lines of alpha numeric text with large letters to occupy more space, simple and unvarnished, the same as the logos. If you are interested in promoting your company through this channel, please stop by at the Administration’s Office, with your CD with information.

Car Exhibition

WTC Panama will be showcasing a MG5 car in association with Copama SA on its premises next to the outside parking lot from 21st until 30th of January.

Morris Garages (MG) is a legendary brand and their local distributor offers different models ranging from $13K to $36K pricing. For more information call: 274 9181 / 279 2406 or visit their webpage: www.morrisgarages.com.pa

Reactivation of the Heliport

WTC Panama has teamed up with Helipan S.A. to ensure that the proper guidelines are followed while the reactivation works take place on the Helipad located on the rooftop of the Office Tower. WTC Panama aims to have the Helipad operational at the end of this year.
Offering an active Helipad conveniently located at the WTC Panama will allow for many different uses, not only limited to business travel, but also to emergency and rescue operations, such as air ambulances. The availability of the Helipad will be open to any emergency and to preplanned and requested landings. Keep track of the latest updates and progress following them on Social Media:

WTC Panama on Facebook www.facebook.com/WTCPanama
WTC Panama on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/World-Trade-Center-Panama
WTC Panama on Twitter www.twitter.com/WTCPanama
WTC Panama on Google+ www.plus.google.com/WTCPanama

Members at Heart

WTC Panama to its Members

Promote your Company on our monthly Newsletter

World Trade Center Panama offers to all their businesses and members to promote their services and products through their monthly newsletter. If you are interested in taking advantage of this benefit please send a short article for the section: “Member Acknowledgement – WTC Member to Member”. This article, of maximum 200 words, could contain information about your company and services/products, the relationship with and advantages of the WTC Panama Complex and other comments you would wish to publish. The article can be written in Spanish and/or English, as the Newsletter is written in both languages. Don’t forget to include a photo/logo of your company to the article. You can send this to: [email protected]

Is your Company taking advantage of Social Media and other online presence?

Almost one year ago WTC Panama has set up a Communication department that focuses on its online presence. This Department can assist you, as a member and/or tenant, to promote your company, your products and/or your services through social media by posting them on their online channels and by sharing your posts as well. Improve your website online ranking by having link exchange with the new website of WTC Panama.

Finally, make sure your company has been listed on the World Trade Centers Association network online platform directory with optimized SEO. All these benefits are free of charge as added value of being located in one of the most prestigious Class A building complex for companies, the WTC Panama Complex. Contact the Communications department via: [email protected]

Upcoming Events

Jan 28 – Feb 1 2015

International Real Estate Fair

More Information Panama City, Panama

Mar 10 - 12 2015

Content Management Event

More Information Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mar 11 - 14 2015


More Information Panama City, Panama

Apr 26 - 28 2015

WTCA General Assembly

More Information Manila, The Philippines

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About Us

WTC Panama aims to expand communication, international market culture and business services. The primary goal of the WTC Panama is to bring together the businesses involved in international commerce and provide them with services that will help facilitate growth. WTC Panama connects various economic segments locally and globally and is a member of the World Trade Centers Association. This Association stimulates trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally through the exclusive 330 'World Trade Center' branded properties and trade service.

The content is based on public information from various sources, such as news articles, websites and press releases. WTC Panama is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. For comments or to (un)subscribe: [email protected]
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